Places to go

Alfama – This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Lisbon, with very narrow streets and alleys and several small/cheap restaurants. A good place to get lost in your free time.
Take the train, direction Lisbon, to Cais do sodré and either take a taxi cab (4-5 euros) or walk (roughly 30 min) by the river east and then up towards the castle.

Bairro Alto – On the other side of downtown, the hill where Bairro Alto is located is full of restaurants, bars, and hip shops; A great place to get to know Lisbon’s night life.
Take the train, direction Lisbon to Cais do Sodré, walk up the hill until you find a square (largo Camões) on your left hand side, north of this square is Bairro alto.

Belém – Very close the Champaliamud Foundation, you can find a beautiful monastery from the 16th and 17th century, and a cultural center (CCB) with exhibits of contemporary art and design. Also, be sure to enjoy the famous “pastéis de Belém”.
Take the tram towards Lisbon (one or two stops), or walk 20 min east.

Docas – Marinas in Alcântara, which have several restaurants and bars and lots of front water sitting.
From the CCU, take the train, direction Lisbon, to the Alcântara station. Walk towards the river and you will find the marina towards your right, west.